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What Are The Best Sites To Create A Blog

Hey! If you have a question what are the best sites to create a blog so,

Don’t Worry,

After today, you don’t need to look for those websites because, today I’m going to show you top 5+ websites where you can create your own blog.

I know you have many reasons to create a blog.

What Are The Best Sites To Create A Blog

These reasons could be to improve your writing skill or maybe you want to create your own brand and want to promote by your own blogs.


I can say if you are thinking like this, you are absolutely right.

Blogging is not only the way to create your own blogs or promotion but the best thing is, it connects you with like-minded people.

Now here comes the next question front of you.

How to find the websites where I can create blogs?

So I would say there are many websites and platforms available where you can create your own blogs.


The thing is how you will find the top and best websites?

Don’t worry this is also I’m going to show today, the top 5+ websites that can make your blogging journey very easy.

First I’m going to tell you how you can choose the best website by yourself, and what to look for in a website, where you want to create your own blog.

So, Let’s get started,

How To Choose A Best Blogging Platform

So finally when you have taken the decision, below I’m going to show you some important things that you have to consider if you are going to choose a website (Platform) for blogging.

The Cost: This is the first thing you have to consider that the platform you are choosing is good for your blogging journey, and it’s not only about only budget, if it is not providing you facilities that you need for a good blogging it is not worth it.

Easy Setup: All the newbies who are entering in blogging journey, they all need a platform where they can easily setup their website without coding and so much effort.

Features: If you are blogging regularly there is a time when you want to change your website design, and want to give a new look to your website for that you need that features that help you do these changes.

Conservation: This is also important to know that how much work you have to do manually in your blogging journey because if you are doing a work where you have to do every work manually then it will impact on your time and productivity.

Monetization: If you are blogging, monetization would be with you always maybe it can be with you directly or indirectly but this the most valuable point, so you have to choose platform which works for you in the future.

Hope these important points will help you so always keep these points in mind while choosing a platform.

Top 10 Websites For Blogging (2020)

Now below I’m going to show you top 5+ websites that would be the best solution for your blogging journey.

1. WordsPress.com

what are the best sites to create a blog

WordPress.com is website and also a platform where you can create your own blog, this website provides you all the basic features that helps you to create a blog.

Advantage and Disadvantage


1. You can create your expertise blog.

2. This is also good for who want to try blogging.

3. Its very easy to do, you can do even you are a beginner.

4. You just have to fill some information about your blog name email id’s and other functions they recommend you.

5. They give you preset WordPress dashboard including inbuilt hosting, and they also give you support if you go with their paid plans.


1. It’s a free platform so you got limited features.

2. The domain you use is subdomain by this website.

3. You got limited features with this platform and monetization could be tough.

4. They show their on ads on your website until you paid them.

These are the advantage and disadvantage I showed you above you can take their paid plans if you want and the price of paid plans is between $4 to $25, and they provide you more features when you take their paid plans and you can also add other plugins after that.

You can go here and create your own free Blog WordPress.com

2. WordPress.org

what are the best sites to create a blog

This is the most popular and the best platform if you want to do blogging seriously. It provides you all the features that helps you alot in your blogging journey.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say this the platform where worlds 90% websites is hosted.

You can create all kind of blogs here as example you can create your business blogs, Personal blogs, Online blogs etc. you have full control here.

Advantage and Disadvantage


1. You have full control on your website.

2. WordPress has over 50,000 + Plugins you can add according to your requirements.

3. There are many themes available that is suitable for your desktop and mobile phones.

4. You have many chances to rank in search engine with this platform, you can optimize according to you.

5. You can also get a lot of supports with this platform.


1. The only disadvantage is you have to buy your own hosting and domain name for your website.

WordPress is the best platform and here you can do blogging freely there is no risk in that, only need to buy a domain and hosting and some premium themes and plugins if you want and there is a lot of free plugins that works really well.

If I talk about Domain and Hosting costs so domain you can get in $10 for year and Hosting $5 a month.

3. Joomla.com

what are the best sites to create a blog

This is another platform which I’m including for you in this list because this also an open source where you can create your website.

Advatantage and Disadvantage


1. It provides you many templates that helps you to create the best blog.

2. There are many extension available that opens the functionality doors for you.

3. If you are a beginner this website is really helpful for you.


1. If you have HTML and CSS knowledge then it is best for you but if haven’t any knowledge then it would be a bit tough for you.

They mentioned you before starting your blog, that your websites data, backups, and security’s responsibility is upon you.

Also, visit and check this amazing tool here https://bloggingask.com/elementor-pro-discount-code/ and get instant bonus and discount.

4. Wix.com

what are the best sites to create a blog

This is also a platform that gives you drag and drop functionality and also you can do blogging here and you can also promote your blogs here if you have already.

Advantage and Disadvantage


1. The best thing no HTML and CSS knowledge required do anything with templates.

2. They are providing you good hosting with your website on wix.com.

3. Easy setup and design your website as you want easily.

4. Customize your website with inbuilt templates and save your time for other works.

5. They are also providing you high quality stock images.


1. This is the first and worst thing you can’t move your site with your data form here.

2. If you want to do e-commerce then I will not recommend you this.

3. The free account of Wix provide you limited features and also there would be Wix ads and branding.

4. You can’t change your templates again and again and the free apps is limited.

Wix provide you different packages so if you want work on Wix seriously you have to buy their subscriptions, and they start form $13 to $39 and after that you are eligible to remove their ads and also you can connect your domain and apps.


what are the best sites to create a blog

Medium is platform where you can publish your own blog it’s great platform for bloggers and writers and this community has worldwide bloggers and writers who publish their content daily on medium.

Advantage and Disadvantage


1. It is very easy to use just sign up with your email and you are ready to go.

2. It has an awesome interface and provide really nice writing experience.

3. The main thing on medium is writing, they focus on writing not deigning.

4. You can rank your own blog in search engine with medium and also you can embed other content in your blog,example: YouTube video.


1.If you are thinking about marketing so chance is very low.

2. You can’t monetize their.

3. They can remove your content or delete if they find your content unethical for their website.

4. Very tough to transfer your audience form medium to another blog.

It’s a totally free platform where you can create your own blogs and gain following for your content and writing skills.

6. Blogger.com

what are the best sites to create a blog

This is also one of the best blogging platform including nice hosting service it is well known and famous platform by Google.

You can create your account easily with your exiting google account and can do personal blogging or hobby blogging.

Advantage and Disadvantage


1. It takes only few minutes to set up and there are a lot of tutorial is available on YouTube.

2. It is fully mobile optimized.

3. The hosting service Google is providing is very fast and nice.

4. You got almost all the feature a blog need.

5. You can connect with analytics that will help you to track your blog.


1. You can’t add edit additional feature.

2. Here you are limited with the design on blogger.

3. You have to face google advertising in your website.

Blogger is completely free there is no cost you can do blogging free it will cost if you add custom domain with it, but that would be your own investment for yourself.

7 – Weebly (www.weebly.com)

Weebly also one of the best platform like Wix where you can create your website easily. The best thing about this platform is, here you can not only create blog but also you can sell products.

It is very easy to use even if you are a beginner you can easily set up your blog here because it has drag and drop features, that makes it very user-friendly.

You can easily add buttons for call to action just drag and drop where you want to place and like this you can add other elements also like images and videos and all other important elements just drag to the page and customize it.

These are the option Weebly is providing you:

1. Media

2. Sidebars

3. Forms

4. Newsletter subscription

There are many other features available, and they’re also providing analytics for you, so you can see you progress even you can add your custom domain.

It has limitations with free account example: You get 500 MB storage, ad spaces and only five custom pages.

Advantage and Disadvantage


1. Very limited themes.

2. You can not change the layout at all.

3. You can’t make columns

4. You can’t make tables

 5. You can not adjust the sidebar width of the page. It is fixed


1. No software installation

2. Blog limitations

3. Theme modifications

4. Theme modifications

Final Words

Here I showed you what are the best sites to create a blog hope you will like this article and if you have any question or query in your mind feel free to ask you can email at bloggingrule19@gmail.com or comment below your every suggestion is valuable for us.

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