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How To Write A Blog And What To Write About (2020) Easy Guide

How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

Today, I’m going to show you How To Write A Blog And What To Write About I know setting up your first blog or WordPress website could to be Little tough for you but if you know the exact step-by-step process that how to create a blog then it’s a fun game for you.

In this article I will show you, all the exact same ways that I took in the past to make my lots of blogs & website successful.

And I’m going to tell five easy steps that will help you a lot in your blogging journey.

5 Easy Steps How To Write A Blog Very Easily

Here is the five steps I’m going to cover.

1. Choose a good topic according to your interest & knowledge, Create catchy outlines and research.

2. Make a headline that attract all your audience.

3. Write a good post take your proper time and take some rest between the post for good content.

4. Use beautiful infographic that speaks itself what you want to tell your audience.

5. The last is check your blog post in the end and correct your all the mistakes by checking full blog and show your friends to take some review about post is it good or have to improve some.

So now Let’s get started, now I’m going to show you in details about every topic that will make it easy to understand to you.

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How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

Here I’m going to share five important points with you.

1. Planning

How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

I would tell you that if you’re writing a blog it can take few hours for you and maybe more time, it depends on how fast your writing skills is.

And there would be no doubt if I say when the publishing time comes it already have taken your 5-6 days.


It wouldn’t be any kind of issue if the post your writing is well researched and you are providing value in every word, this is the most important things if you are a blogger, take your proper time and create a good content.

Extra tip for you have to collect your all the notes and researched work, which you have done for your post, that is going to be help you while writing blog.

I can say this is the first and the biggest mistake a newbie blogger do they write their blog without any plan or without and researched.

So keep this in mind if you are writing a blog make a proper plan it will save your time and effort and will ensure you for good results.

2. Interest

How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

Maybe you already heard about it but I have to remind you that this is the most important point if you are blogging, because if you don’t have interest in your blog then how your reader would be interested in your blog.

So always keep this in mind if you are interested in what you are writing about then there would be strong possibility that your audience also going to like this.

I hope you understanding, what I want to say, before writing about any blog think about twice, that is an interesting topic for you because if you are not interested then there would be fewer chances you can write better for that topic.


There is also some good possibilities if you master the writing skill then you are able to write about any topic and this the best quality every blogger should have.

This is also something interesting I’m going to tell you that there is no full surety that your all blog going to be impact full always keep in mind 80/20 exist everywhere and that topic you like to read you can also write better.

3. Outlines

How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

This is one of the best idea I can share with you every blogger do this and you also should do this if you want to create a good content.

Create good outlines this will help you a lot.

Outline helps you to keep on track with the topic, it gives you an idea that about what you have to write.

The main role of outlines in your blog is, they remind you all the time what you have to cover in your blog.

It also helps you to make a structure for your blog for good quality content.

As an example you can see my blog all the outlines for this blog each action was Pre managed, that what I have to cover step by step.

We all know perfection doesn’t exit but you can go near perfection with the help of your outlines for your blog.

4. Research

How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

As I told you above I’m going to cover everything that will help you to create your first blog.

So here I want to tell you about Research and I wouldn’t be wrong if I say this is the secret behind every successful blogger.

No blogger want to show anyone that they know everything about their topic they are going to cover and it also happens with many peoples that when they sit down to write, but they don’t know what they are going to write.

This is the specialty of every pro blogger that they know they also have to write about those topics which they don’t know anything.


You know what makes them a pro blogger, that is research they know how to do a good research and create a valuable content.

So this is the very important point, mark this and you have to research collect all the knowledge and data from sources websites, which are writing about your topic, Find this kind of websites Wikipedia, government websites and niche websites.

There are tons of source available that will help you write an awesome content, that your audience going to read.

5. Checklist

How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

Here I’m showing me how to write a blog and what to write about, so I have to clear this whenever you write a blog make a checklist and before publish check the full checklist beginning to the end.

If you found any mistake their correct those mistakes before present it front of your reader because there could be chance you can lose your loyal reader if you don’t correct those mistakes.

If you are outsourcing your content from a writer or expert, then also check the content start end there are possibilities for mistakes.

How To Write A Blog And What To Write About

Now I’m going to show you four more steps that will help you to make your blog more easy.


When we talk about headlines so everyone’s opinion is different for headlines some people say your headline should be specific, some says write clear and some says like Seth godin unclear lines also okay.


If you are specific with your headline that would be good because it would be easy for your readers to understand what you want show them in your blog.

Your blog headline should be according to your audience (Reader) or you can write your headline about that you are going to cover in your blog.


Image is something that play a very important role in your blog because people now days in hurry they don’t have a full focused mind so, you can help them to understand about your blog by visual aggravation.


It helps to engage your reader to with your content, they spend more time on your blog when you also present value front of them by images and you can break your content with the help of images.

Always use an image that engage your reader and catch their eyes.

So make some Images or infographic that show all the things and major points you are covering in your blog.


Editing is one of the hardest part of your blog where you check your all the blog and correct all the mistakes like sentences and grammatically mistakes.

Many people or blogger thinks that this is the easy thing, but they don’t this is the time when all the focus and hard work they need because set a good structure is very important thing and this is the deadly mistake every newbie blogger do.

Don’t think too much 🙂

Below I’m going to show you six points going that going to help you.


This is the thing no one like almost because nobody wants to be read the same things and words again and again so when you complete your paragraph then read it twice if there any word is repeated then replace that word.

I know and maybe you also know every writer have some own crutch words on their tongue they don’t even know, and they write those words in their paragraph so you have to be careful with that if you do these things so please replace those words.

So be careful before presenting a good blog front of your audience, use words that your reader going to like.


So basically I want to tell you, you have to take a flow test of your blog post, so you have to read your blog loudly, it will help you to understand that yes your blog post is ready to publish.

Because if you can read it easily then it is good for your readers for whom you are working hard and if there any issue you can correct it.

This is the trick that no one going tell you, when you take some paid classes they tell you about this trick but here as I promised you that I’m going tell everything about blogging and secret tips 🙂

Short Paragraph

This is small thing I know but it is very impactful for your blog because if you present your blog as a text wall no one going to like it or read it.

So if you can give a good reading experience to your audience then keep your paragraph shorter, it will help them to read it easily.

As an example you can see this blog that I have written for you.

Wrap Up

Blogging is something once you understand all the thing it works like magic and you are going to love this. I hope you understand everything that I told you above.

I think it will help you and now you know how to write a blog and what to write about.

If you like this article feel free to share this and if you have any question or query left in your mind then I would love to help you can comment below or you can email at bloggingrule19@gmail.com

Sharing is caring 🙂

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