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How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog 2020

Today! I’m going to show you how to make a secondary blog a primary blog very easily, As you know Tumblr is a platform where you can create blogs and can increase your social presence.

Tumblr gives you facility that you can create photos blogs, video blogs and many other options are available that helps you to increase your social world presence.

I know all the bloggers on Tumblr use all the features on both of blogs primary and secondary but in the Tumblr there is a feature that clear you, That your first blog on Tumblr is your primary blog.

It has some awesome features that every blogger would love to use like you can create single stand-alone pages and can change your designs and themes very easily, even if you haven’t any experience but it also has some limitations that no blogger likes, and the limitation is that your each blog post would be primary type or secondary type, that make bloggers to think that they should change the platform for blogging.

If you don’t know what is primary and secondary blog don’t worry I will explain you here and I will also tell you all the blogging rule for Tumblr.

When you create your account on Tumblr and sign up that’s your first blog that gives you authority to use it’s all features example: Like, follow, post submissions, password enable and you can create multiple admin that can mange your post and more features that are not available with secondary blog.

The blogs you create related to the primary blog is your secondary blog and in your secondary blog you can’t follow, like, comment to other blogs but can keep it password protected and you can make multiple user.

You can create per day 10 post with secondary account.

I hope now you know the difference between primary and secondary blog.

Yes you have the power that you can create 10 blogs per day with secondary account but you can keep only one primary blog in an account.

Now if you are thinking how you can create your new primary blog, so it’s not as tough as you are thinking you just have to log out this primary account and register for the new account with new email account.


Would you be surprised?

If I say that you can make your secondary Tumblr account as your primary account in just few minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes! You heard right.

You can change your tumbler primary to secondary and secondary to primary in just few steps.

There is only one risk although the process is very simple and the risk is your blog posts would be automatically changed.

Like I told you above I’m going to tell you step-by-step, so example is necessary, now you can see how your URL would be change.

Example: My blog’s post first URL is – shubh19stuff.tumblr.com and the permalink is – shubh19stuff.tumblr.com/321/post title – This is my Primary account

Secondary account URL  –  shustuff19.tumblr.com and the permalink – shustuff19.tumblr.com/321/post title 

After changing the primary blog to the secondary it would look like this – shustuff19.tumblr.com/321/post title

Hope you got all the things I showed you above and I also want to add changing the URL is not a good thing for you, it is negative sign for SEO, you can lose your ranking in google after submitting the post in webmaster tool.

When you do this you have to think that if you will change the primary to secondary or secondary to primary there would be 404 error if anyone shared your posts before or bookmarked your post, you can lose your traffic.

So before changing your blogs think about many other things that can create big issue for you.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

Here I will show you everything by examples that will help you to change your secondary blog to a primary blog very easily.

Now I’m going to take my two blog as an example: shubh19stuff.tumblr.com is my (primary) Main blog and personal blog (secondary) is shustuff19.tumblr.com

Assume I have to make my secondary blog to my primary blog, so I have two ways to do this.

1 – I can redirect my all secondary blog traffic to main (primary) blog

2 – I can change  the URL’s.

The first method is safe and I will recommend first method because if you will use this method there would be no risk and your all secondary blog traffic redirect to your primary blog.

1 – Redirecting secondary blog traffic to primary blog 

Now I will tell you how to redirect all the traffic in five easy steps.

See its very simple just read this with focus I have two accounts like I showed you above.

Primary – shubh19stuff.tumblr.com

Secondary – shustuff19.tumblr.com

1 – So what I’m going to do is I will go the blog and customize (appearance) that blog by changing the name, I will change the primary(shubhstuff19) blog name by secondary name (shustuff19).

2 – After go to the themes section below username and then go the HTML code just above in the left corner.

3 – Now you just have to paste this HTML code above the </head> code.


window.location.h ref = “https://shustuff19.tumblr.com”.


4 – Last and the most important thing now click on the “update preview” button and “save” button.

5 – Now everything is done just check the blog now page is redirected to the other URL you want.

2 – Changing URL Structure (Tumbler)

I can say this method also  is the best for changing your primary to secondary & secondary to primary.


The first thing you should know that which is your primary blog and which is your secondary blog, if you don’t know don’t worry I will show you here which is your primary or secondary blogs.

1 – First you have to login in your Tumblr account.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

2 – Then “click” on your Tumblr account and go the setting (you can see in the image below).

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

3 – In the setting go to the “blog” section in the end of the setting, here is the main thing you have to keep in mind, that the one blog has star symbol is your primary blog and other blogs is secondary.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

4 – You can see all the highlighted names are the blogs name and shubhstuff19 is my primary blog name and the shustuff19 is secondary blog.

You can change your blog URL that getting traffic on your primary blog.

Here I will explain you with examples, I will change my shustuff19.tumbler.com to my primary account.

So I will show you with easy steps.

1 – You have to go for your secondary blog using this link (https://www.tumblr.com/setting/blog/shustuff) and you have to replace your secondary blog name.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

2 – Now you can see in the image you have to click on pencil icon near “tumblr URL

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

3 – Now its bit tricky for you but here you have to change your secondary blog name or “URL” in my case it would like shustuff191, shustuff192 hope you are getting ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

Here is a good thing for you when you change your secondary blog name “tumbler” message you, that your blog name is available for you for 24 hours in case you change your mind.

4 – Now the name is changed you can see in the image below.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

Now it almost done, now you have to change your primary blog on tumblr so stay focused.

5 – Now you have to click on your primary blog the “star mark” one as you know now in my case it is shubhstuff19.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

6 – Now do the same thing we did above “click” on the pencil icon near URL as you can see image below.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

7 – Here is the simple work for you now change the primary blog name with secondary blog name as I’m giving you example in my case it is shustuff19 so just enter it.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

That’s it! Now you can see the primary blog name in the side bar ๐Ÿ™‚ we finished it like a pro very easily.

How To Make A Secondary Blog A Primary Blog

Now you have successfully changed your secondary blog on your primary and your old name is also available for 24 hours, so you can take that in case your mind changed.

I hope now know everything that how to make your secondary Tumblr blog primary. Now you can do other things you can change your avatar, themes settings and whatever you want to do.

If you have any query left feel free to ask or comment.


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