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DreamHost Black Friday Deals 2020- Discounts [Up to 47%]

DreamHost Black Friday Deal

This one of the best and affordable web hosting. you can grab 47% off in Dreamhost Black Friday deal and can get free domain, free SSL certificate and 97 days money back guarantee.

People underestimate DreamHost hosting but this is also one of the best hosting and very affordable and beginner friendly.
DreamHost Black Friday Deals

If you are newbie then is the best time for you, you can grab dreamhost black Friday deal and can get amazing discounts with their freebies.

This is the right time to start your first ever website. Click here to Grab the deal. 

DreamHost Black Friday Deals And Cyber Monday Sale 2020

DreamHost black Friday sale is a good opportunity for you because here dreamhost provide their all plans in discounted price. 

Reasons you can trust dreamhost:

  • Experience of 20+ years
  • hosting over 1.5 M websites, blogs
  • E-commerce stores

So it wouldn't be wrong if I say this is the best web hosting to power your WordPress website. 


These are the this year discounts buy dreamhost:

  • 47% discount on shared hosting 
  • Up to 16% discount on managed WordPress Hosting.

So, grab this dreamhost black Friday deal. 

How to Activate DreamHost Hosting Black Friday Deals

Step 1- Click here you will be redirected to the dreamhost black Friday and cyber Monday deal offers page. 

Step 2- Now click on the get started button you will be redirected to pricing page as you can see in the image below. 

DreamHost Black Friday Deal

Step 3-Now you can choose a plan according to your requirements and which suits you but I can suggest you here it would be good if will go with the shared hosting unlimited plan. 

DreamHost Black Friday Deal

Step 4- Here in this page you have to register your domain name, you can register existing domain or you can buy a new domain free for one year with dreamhost. 

Step 5- Now choose add-on services, including DreamShield Protection, Professional email services, it can be helpful for you .

Step 6- Here provide your payment information (credit card details) and reviewsl your set-up with dreamhost. 

Step 7- Real all the policies and confirm (submit) your order. 

DreamHost Shared Vs Managed Plans

Here i will talk about two most selling hosting shared hosting and managed hosting.


Below, I'm going to explain about these two. 

Shared hosting is good and affordable, you can complete your work with it the best about it is budget friendly. 

Managed hosting is expensive as compared to the shared hosting but it helps you to light your work burden because it is managed. 


If you go with dreamhost there are many works which is done by dreamhost. 

Dreamhost Black Friday Deals Plans And Pricing [2020]

DreamHost has many plans in different prices and this is also one of the reasons people choose dreamhost as their web host provider. 


In this black Friday deal you can up to 47% discounts on every plans of dreamhost. 

Now I am going to share price and plans below. 

Shared Hosting:

This is the best hosting for beginners and for small businesses. 

You are going to get two plans in their shared hosting plan. 

  • Shared started 
  • Shared unlimited 

You can go with which complete your requirements. 

WordPress Hosting:

As you can understand by its name, it is a website which for those who are using WordPress (CMS). 

So it is also a hosting plan and now dreamhost also recommend by WordPress officially, so you can go with freely. 


It has various plans now below I am going to show you WordPress hosting plans:

WordPress Basic:

This is the basic plan as it is mentioned in its name and there is two types of WordPress basic hosting WordPress starter and WordPress unlimited both of have there own features and specifications. 

As you can see below. 

Managed WordPress/ DreamPress Hosting:

These is no doubt it is good as compared to the WordPress basic plan. There is a lot of extra features you will get which is not in WordPress basic hosting plan. 


Under this plan you will get three packages:

  • DreamPress
  • DREAM press Plus
  • DreamPress Pro 

You can save up to 17% off on WordPress hosting and you can upgrade this plan according to you. 

VPS Hosting: 

VPS hosting is very powerful, and the resources you get helps you a lot to control your website. 

The VPS hosting also has its different packages with different features and specifications, you can choose according to your requirements. 

VPS Plans:

  • Basic 
  • Business
  • Professional
  • Enterprise 

Dedicated Hosting:

In dedicated hosting your web host provider keeps your data on cloud server and provide you all the resources. 

  • Storage
  • Protection
  • Backup
  • Reliability    


There would be your full control on your data and severs and it comes with two packages you can go with which complete your requirements.

  • Standard 
  • Enhanced Dedicated Plans

Cloud Hosting:

There is also you have two choices with cloud hosting DreamCompute Hosting and DreamObjects Hosting .

DreamHost giving you various plans as you can see in the image so you have full flexibility with dreamhost web hosting.

Why Choose DreamHost? [Benefits] + DreamHost Black Friday Sale

There is no doubt if there is no benefit with any hosting no one is going to buy that hosting, it is common and consumer behavior.


If we talk about Dreamhost, so all the dreamhost users are very happy and satisfied with their service.

Below I'm going to show you why they are happy with dreamhost:

Money-Back Guarantee:

Yes ! DreamHost providing you 97 days money back guarantee and from that dream host also an amazing web host provider when it comes to renew your plan there price is very reasonable.


This is very important thing, if you will observe what other hosting provider is doing they provide you hosting in less price in starting but when it comes renew they double or triple the price.

But, it will not happen with you if you will go with dreamhost web hosting there price is very reasonable and it is a trustworthy company.

You will only pay the price you will see.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Ultimate Performance, And Storage:

As you already know when you have a lot of visitors on your website, it can harm your site or data.

And, its not a small problem it can be cause of a big problem. This is also the reason some of the web hustings have clear bandwidth plans.

If you go with dreamhost hosting even if you buy a simple plan you get unrestricted bandwidth and storage which can save your website from crashing.

So, it is good hosting if you are getting high traffic and companies aim to provide best user experience for their users.

100% Server Uptime And Quality Support 24/7 Hours:

DreamHost assure you that they are provide 100% uptime so, your websites will be online 100% of the time. Isn't it amazing?

This is dreamhost priorities to fulfill all the uptime criteria, to give their customers best experience. There is no doubt if you go with their managed WordPress hosting there is not chance of disappointment.

Even if you go with their shared hosting plans, there is very less chance for downtime.

Another best thing about dreamhost is their customer support which is available for 24/7, and if you getting any issue related to your website or any other issue just contact with them they are already ready to help you.


This also customers first requirement that they need best customer support for their problems and dreamhost never let you down.

SSD Clouds and Backup: [Faster And Reliable Compared to traditional HDD]

DreamHost is providing you high-performance Solid State Drive servers. and if you are a developer or programmer I can guarantee you, you can boost up your work with dreamhost.

You already know that SSD clouds are super fast as compared to the conventional HDD clouds and dreamhost web server supported SSD data.

They have their state-of-the-art network sites where they build their growing hosting platforms for customers.

Dreamhost always work with innovations and they are using their latest hardware to give you fast speed of solid-state drives at the corporate level.

When it comes to backup your data, you don't need to worry a bit because they are their professional technicians and engineers, who are always ready to help you.

When you need your data backup (they backup your data automatically everyday).

Advanced, User-Friendly, Easy To Use cPanel And As Well As Free Domain Name [one year]:

If you are beginner this is an amazing offer for you, In this dreamhost black friday sale you  can get free domain for on year, which cost you $15 normally.

This black friday offer is available for every new user.

Even if you are a newbie, you can easily managed your website with their user friendly cPanel. they have very simple interface for you, and you can setup everything in few minutes.

Do these things control your website (after cPanel access):

  • Create new email accounts
  • Install Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Forward domains
  • Add users
  • Set WordPress

1-Click WordPress Installer:

This is and amazing feature they are providing you, because it saves your time which you can use in other works, click your WordPress in on click and they will install in seconds.

For Whom DreamHosting Is:

This hosting is a good choice anyone who want to start their journey or want grow their website, this is a good time they can grab dreahost black friday deal and can get up to 47% off along with one free domain.

If you are in these category this is good for you:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogging
  • E-Commerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online businesses

I would say if you are looking for a hosting which can give you these things:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support

Always good for you and you can get all these things with dreamhost hosting so grab the dreamhost black friday deal and start your journey.

Dreamhost Black Friday Deal Freebies [2020]

  • Free domain for on year with any plan
  • Free SSL certificate for your website security and for your secure google presence
  • Domain privacy for free 

DreamHost Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is DreamHost Web Hosting?

It is web hosting which provide you fast and secure experience and if you are WordPress user it is an amazing hosting for you.

Q. Does DreamHost use cPanel?

No, they have their custom web hosting control panel to manage your website, databases, emails, and account billing and it is user friendly.

Q. Where are DreamHost’s data centers located?

DtreamHost data centers is located in Ashburn Virginia and Hillsboro Oregon.

Q. How good is DreamHost?

There is no doubt dreamhost is amazing web host provider because they have 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry, so its oblivious no one can survive as long if they are not good in their service.

They have:

  • 400K+ happy customers 
  • 1.5 million websites hosted on its servers

Now you can think how dreamhost is.

Q. What Hosting services are provided by DreamHostWeb hosting? 

They provide you:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting  
  • WordPress Hosting

And, all the plans have their inner packages so you can uplift your website according to you.

Q. What is the DreamHosting Black Friday Offer?

This is black friday sale which comes once in a year and this time dreamhost giving you 47% off on their every plans, so this is a good time you can grab dreamhost black friday sale offers.

Q. Does the DreamHost provide unlimited bandwidth and storage?

Yes! There is not doubt DreamHost providing you unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Q. Does the DreamHost provide free Domain, Automatic Backups, Auto-WordPress Updates, and SSL certificates?

Yes! dreamhost provide all below mentioned things:

  • Free Domain
  • Daily automatic backups
  • Auto-WordPress Updates
  • Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificate [protect your site with HTTPS].

Q. Is there any malware scanning service offered by DreamHost?

Dreamhost have malware scanning service for their customers for their security.

Q. Are updates managed by DreamHost?

Yes! it is simple you can setup you website for WordPress updates automatically or you can o manually.

Wrap Up

There is not doubt when it comes to the managed WordPress solution dreamhost is one of the best and trust worthy for you.

You can host your website this time because this time you can grab dreamhost black friday deal and can get 47% off.

It is affordable hosting which gives you fast speed and good security for your website.

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