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How to create a free blog on Blogger

How to create a free blog on Blogger

Today! I'm going to show how to create a free blog on blogger, if you are a beginner you can start your journey with blogger.

A blog is like a web-like diary that is frequently maintained by a person or a group of individuals. Each blog update is deemed as a post.

Depending on the niche of the site, the posts may be focused on a single subject or a variety of topics.

Initial, the most recent posts on the blog appear, i.e., they appear in a reverse chronological order.

Today more and more people are finding ways to make money online.

The obvious way in which most people find online money making easy is by blogging.

Blogging is truly an established way for money to be made.

I've been making a decent income from blogging for over 10 years now and I can guarantee that someone with hard work can make money by blogging.

If you're one of them who wants to make the most of their spare time, blogging is a perfect way to improve your online presence and not just make money.

So, the complete guide is for you if you are searching for ways to build a free blog.

I highly recommend you consider using the Blogger blogging platform if you are looking for ways to start a free blog, as it is not only easy to set up, but you can also start making money from AdSense.

You don't need to pay domain and hosting services.

BlogSpot is a platform that allows you to create and host a website free of charge, it is owned by Google, so you don't have to worry about downtime servers and other problems.


There are thousands of free blogger templates that you can use to give your website a professional look.

What is free blogging And How To Create A Free Blog on blogger?

How to create a free blog on Blogger

As the name suggests, there's one free blogging platform that allows you to sign up, get a domain, and set up your website for free.

The Blogger.com and WordPress.com are the two most successful open platforms.

Furthermore, the files of your website are hosted on the servers which belong to the blogging platform you have chosen.

In other words, there are no initial costs but they can charge you if you need more storage space in the future.

Another advantage of free blogging site is that they are well optimized for the masses so you won't have trouble finding out how the platform works.

To be honest, if you just want to try blogging, if you don't want to do it professionally, or if you just want to see how the platform works, then there's no reason you shouldn't use a free blogging platform.

If you are serious about launching your blog, however, and if you want to be considered a professional, this is a bad idea, and we will immediately begin to discuss some of the major weaknesses of this scheme.

There are a couple of things you should know before Starting Your Free Blog

Firstly, BlogSpot is a Google powered blogging site. It allows you to start a blog, but Picasa (also part of Google) will host all your photos.

In this context BlogSpot is Secondly, I would suggest that you build your blog using WordPress if your blog aims to make money and to have a blog that is professional in appearance.

It's simple, and you can build your blog in the next 60 minutes with the assistance of our exclusive free WordPress guide.

Step 1: Sign up for Blogger.com

How to create a free blog on Blogger

First of all, go to Blogger.com domestic web page and signal up.

Once you are logged into your Email account, you will now see the "New Blog" button on the left side. Click on it to create a new weblog on Blogger.

Step 2: Enter an identity for your blog

How to create a free blog on Blogger

Blog name Type in any title that you desire to title your weblog in the Title box.


simply enter any brief area address, if it's already taken, you will see a yellow box.

Make positive to come up with a special identity and choose a template from the selections furnished in the identical box.

You can pick many greater templates and customize your weblog later. And that's it! You have efficaciously created a weblog on blogpost in beneath two minutes.

Congrats, Now we'll stroll via the subsequent steps.

Step 3: Start growing new weblog posts

How to create a free blog on Blogger

Click the button "Create New Post" on the left facet to create a new weblog post. Enter any title and begin writing content material that you want.

Step 4: Google AdSense!

Once you are commenced getting the first-rate quantity of site visitors from search engines to your blogpost blogs, you can practice for AdSense to begin making money.

Don't follow for AdSense except and till you are bringing at least 300-400 special site visitors every single day.

Otherwise, it's challenging to getting your account approved.

Quick note: You can each time alternate your weblog template by using clicking on the button "Template" at the left aspect on your blogpost dashboard.

Final ideas on beginning a free weblog on the BlogSpot platform

I in my view assume growing a weblog on BlogSpot running a blog platform is the pleasant way to start your running a blog journey.

Over time, you will now not solely be in a position to acquire running a blog ride however you will additionally begin appreciation all the technical phrases associated with running a blog such as SEO, themes, plugins, customization, etc.

Once you commenced getting confidence, you can later migrate to WordPress self-hosted platform to amplify your monetization techniques and abilities as a blogger.

Not solely you will be capable to make cash shortly when you have precise on-line recognition however you will be aware of how cash running a blog without a doubt works.

I hope this unique information on growing a free weblog on BlogSpot running a blog platform helps you no longer solely to begin a weblog however additionally helps you begin making cash from AdSense.

If you locate this information helpfully, please share it with others so they can begin their very own blogs on BlogSpot.

Share your ideas in the feedback beneath and additionally ask questions if you have any! I'd be happy to reply to them all.

5 Benefits of Using the Free Blogger

One of the first massive decisions we make as bloggers is which blogging platform to use.

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular blog codecs and today I'll share some of the benefits of Blogger.

WordPress is probably the leader of the pack and I'm no longer here to trash-talk WP, just to offer an alternative.

  1. Blogger can be a nice vicinity to start your blog with zero investment and move to self-internet hosting when you gain more blogging experience.

The most famous blogging site for youngsters and newbies is Blogger, With the Blogger site, several bloggers began and eventually moved to WordPress and their domain.


Blogger can be a cost-free alternative, and this is a significant reason why many newbies choose a blogger ova WordPress blog that is self-hosted.

Blogger hosting, supplied by our mighty Google, is secure. You can also choose for free from several beautiful and appealing themes/templates.

Reliable hosting

Google hosts the blogger site with incredibly low downtime. Due to server problems, you will seldom find your blog down or sluggish.

Almost uncheckable

When a weblog receives hacked it's a massive loss to the proprietor in phrases of cash and treasured time.

Many WordPress web sites are extra possible to be hacked due to more than a few issues/problems, inclusive of failure to comply with every safety update.

In WordPress, the blog's admin ought to take steps to impenetrable their blogs however in blogger, safety is furnished for you.

As lengthy as the email linked to your Blogger account and your login credential are protected, the hazard of your Blogger Blog being hacked is extraordinarily low.

Wonder by Google

Another great benefit of Blogger is that is their land. That's always been a nice value for bloggers.

Since Google owns it, it easily indexes posts written on the blogger. I have my own experience with that, personally.

Super easy to use

It's very easy to use Blogger and comes with a user-friendly Interface.   Anybody may become a blogger from start to finish.

Disadvantages of free blog

These are some the most important disadvantages of free blog.

Simply look bad

If you want to take your blog seriously, you need to have a well Thought out name that represents your ideas or somehow is related to your blog's niche.

If you want a free blogging site, you'll have a blog name in the form of your name.

wordpress.com or yourname.blogspot.com which is the sign of an inexperienced novice who might not be taken seriously.

Limited capacity

Appearances aside, free-running blog structures can additionally show to be inconvenient, as the manager you have over them is pretty limited.

If you use the WordPress software program on your self-hosted blog, you can effortlessly download new plugins, replace your site's look and capabilities, and enable your weblog to develop with you.

A free platform choice solely provides you get admission to a handful of topics and functions, which will solely result in much less engagement and greater customers leaving eventually.

Low monetization potential

User journey and monetization attainable are additionally affected with the aid of free weblog sites.

For starters, you are going to have a confined quantity bandwidth, reminiscence area as properly as video time, which displays poorly on the consumer experience.

Also, your advertising and marketing preferences are limited, so if you are running a blog to make a title for yourself and earn with the aid of exhibiting commercials on your site, you will have a challenging time accomplishing this on your free weblog site.

You can lose everything

Finally, if you remember on a free running a blog platform, you can wake up one morning and see that your complete internet site has vanished.

If the organization feels you are violating the phrases of the provider agreement, they can delete your web site with no warning.

Since they are now not getting any cash from you, there is no motive for them to ship you any notice, or to ask you to double test their information.

So, if you have unintentionally achieved something that can be considered as a violation of phrases of service, your entire weblog can be honestly removed.

Truth be told, you can migrate your web site to a new platform, however, this can additionally be complicated if your website is suspended or terminated.

By opting for a self-hosted platform, you will at least get a word of the violation, as it is in a carrier provider's first-rate activity to preserve a paying consumer on board.

These are the predominant flaws of free running a blog platform, and the principal motives why it would be silly to begin a serious weblog on one of them.

Self-hosted systems would possibly fee greater but, as we have seen, the alternative is plenty extra stable, and even free structures may give up asking for cash eventually.

So, if you are going to stop up paying anyway, make positive that you pay for something you can remember on.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best website to create a blog?

There are many blog sites where you cab create your blog free or paid as you want depends on you, if you want more flexibility then you have to pay and below I'm going to show you few websites:

There are more websites available but these are few famous websites.

Where can I write a blog for free?

There are many platforms available where you can write a blog post for free and some famous website I'm going to show you below:

  • Wix 
  • Joomla
  • WordPress.com
  • Medium
  • Contentfull
  • Jekyll
  • Tumblr

If you want know in details for these website you can click here and can read full guides.

How do you start a blog for free?

Here I'm going to tell you 6 points which you have to do for start a blog:

  1. Pick a blog name and remember it is your brand and niche name.
  2. Choose a template that shows your work niche and customize it according to your niche. 
  3. Connect your domain.
  4. Start writing posts.
  5. Publish posts.
  6. Share your posts.

Wrap Up

I hope now you can create your free blog on blogger easily i tried my best to share everything with you.

If you are beginner it is good platform by google because it helps you in taking action, so if you found this article helpful please do share.

Sharing is caring 🙂

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