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Top 5 Most Popular Blogs For Women To Follow In (2020)

If you are searching for best blog for women to follow, then this is the best article for you.


Nowadays man and woman both are working equally and if you want to upgrade your self then these three things would be on top.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Wealth
  • Business

Now here I’m going to show you the most popular blogs for women to follow, that will help you a lot in term health, wealth and business.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say blogs is the best source of knowledge and if you read it regularly it can change your life completely.

The best thing about blogs is you can choose blogs according to need (Requirement) also you can bookmark them and read when you have time until you got all the things you want know or learn.

Today! I’m going to show you best blogs that will help you in many ways and will provide you massive value.

And, You can follow which comes in your interest.

Best Blogs For Women You Can Follow From Today

1 – HelloGiggles.Com

Most Popular Blogs For Women To Follow

In this blog you will learn how to manage your money by professionals and this is one of the top blog, if you need any advice about money and professional life.

Once you follow this blog you will be amazed that how many women are following this blog, and they talk about many things here, example : Lifestyle, entertainment, love etc.

If you don’t know much about this blog I tell you, that now they are also providing video content to educate people with the latest topics.

Their community is increasing very fast because they are also solving real life problems of women’s.

If any women who are struggling with their problems must follow this blog or you can also suggest others to follow this blog.

Do you know who is the owner of HelloGiggles?

The owner of HelloGiggles is Instyle group and Meredith corporation and maybe you know the name of actor and musician Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rivka Rossi, and Molly MaCleer.

These people were founder of HelloGiggles, and they found it 2011. This is why this is the best blog to follow for women.

2 – CupOfJo

Most Popular Blogs For Women To Follow

The CupOfJo blog primarily focus on relationship, career, culture, advice style and food and if I talk about It’s monthly traffic so it is getting 1.5 million + visitor and 5 million+ Page views every month.

This is the most following blog by women in the United States.

Who is the owner of Cupofjo?

This blog is started by Joanna Goddard, and she is the founder of this blog and working on it since 2007.

If we talk about her personal life she grew up in England, France & Suburb of Michigan.

You can follow this blog, this blog also received rewards and affiliations by old & trusted websites like Forbes, Jcrew etc.

3 – FitFluential 

Most Popular Blogs For Women To Follow

As we know nowadays female are very aware for health & fitness and if you are one of them also, then this is the blog you can follow from today.

This is the very famous fitness website in the world, and they regularly share health and fitness related tips for women.

In this website you will get all the fitness tips owned by Kelly Alexa.

This website is the best website for fitness and if I tell you about its monthly traffic, so they are getting 300 million traffic per month.


This website is now redirected to kellyOlexa.com for their own personal branding.

How this website (FitFluential.com) will help you?

This blog covers many topics but these are the main topics they cover Fitness tips and Food recipe tips and these topics makes this website best in the world.

So you can also follow this blog form today, select and read some good articles that helps you in your growth and success.

4 – TheBlondeAbroad 

Most Popular Blogs For Women To Follow

BlondeAbroad is one of the best blog on travel tips for women. When you will come on this blog you will learn some travel hacks, safety tips on travel and how to plan your trips.

And here you will learn from other travel bloggers experience.

They mostly cover these topics:

  • Solo Travel
  • Female Travel
  • Luxury Travel
  • Couple Travel
  • Budget Travel

And their main targeted audiences is college students and independent women and working professional women.

If you love travelling and want to explore more, so this is one of the best blog you can bookmark this blog.

5 – TheFashionSpot 

Most Popular Blogs For Women To Follow

Fashion is the key point of lifestyle, and this blog cover almost everything about fashion and you can read a lot of articles about fashion.

This blog always keep you updated and ahead of the old trends. Here you can read about the latest trend in fashion, celebrities gossips and many more topics.

If you love to read about fashion and want to be aware that what’s trending in fashion, then this is the good to go blog for you read everyday.


The FashionSpot Blog also give you some extra knowledge about Health & fitness so this is must follow blog for every woman.

So, Above I showed you some best blogs to follow for women and you can follow them from today and I hope this article will help you and you will like it and If you any suggestion and query feel free to tell and ask, email at bloggingrule19@gmail.com or comment below.

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