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About Us

Who is Shubham Sharma?

Shubham Sharma is the founder of the bloggingrule.com. He is a Professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Marketer, YouTuber and Entrepreneur.

He Lives in Uttarakhand (Dehradun) and he is a 25-year-old blogger who loves to do blogging and share knowledge and experience with others.

By Education, he is a college dropout boy but a passionate bloggerContent Writer and affiliate marketer by heart.

He is living his dream to becoming world best entrepreneur.

Now I tell You about Myself πŸ™‚

Currently, I’m running many blogs some including affiliate blogs, AdSense blogs and some experiments websites.


Making a decent amount of money.

Now I tell you about Blogging Rule

I started Blogging Rule to share my all the experience with newbies, who is struggling in their blogging journey.

My first main focus is to tech them all the Blogging Rule and basics so in future there foundation should be strong. That’s why I named it “BloggingRule

Here you can ask anything related to the blogging. Anything any query or any question you have just email or comment below.


Now I’m going to tell you more about Blogging Rule, hope you are also excited to know more about blogging rule.

What is Blogging Rule All About?

Blogging Rule is a platform for newbie blogger who having problem in their blogging journey, here i always try to show them some good path or foot prints that they can follow.


Here we tell them everything about blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO and other many important things that helps them to grow fast.

The best thing we share all the strategy in a way that they can easily follow.

BloggingRule can give you guarantee if you are a true learner and hardworking guy you will earn a handsome income very fast through this website.

(Again No Fake Commitment or Quick Rich Scheme)

Now I tell you the other reason to starting bloggingrule, Actually I was getting a lot of messages everyday on every platform of newbies,

Then this amazing idea comes in my mind why don’t we create a platform where everyone can come and learn all the things about blogging.

So, in the year 2020, I came up with the idea of starting this blog to share my blogging knowledge, experience, strategies and tips and tricks that work for me, and hope they will work for you too.

(Dedication is Must)

Why I started This Website?

I would say when you are doing everything awesome then a teacher comes from inside πŸ™‚

Actually after working on so many websites and getting good results I thought I should share my all the experience and knowledge with other that they can also grow their blogs.

I hope you will like my work and support me do more good things.


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You can also join me on these platforms, everywhere I’m trying to provide value.

Facebook, @awesome_shubh, twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Quora

If you have any other query and question in your mind feel free to ask or Email at.

shubhamsharma [at] gmail.com

Thanks πŸ™‚

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